Dried Culinary Mushrooms

The Wild About Mushrooms Co. can sell you dried mushrooms. They are available only in bulk amounts, packed in plain ziplock bags.

Fresh mushrooms dry at a rate of about 10 - 1. That is, it takes about 10 pounds of fresh mushrooms to make  1 pound of dry mushrooms. So an ounce of dry mushrooms is equal, in a way,  to slightly over a half of pound of fresh. Because there is more flavor in dry mushrooms than fresh, they will have a bigger flavor influence than might be expected from their small volume.

We usually have the following varieties available:


Black Trumpet (Craterellus cornucopioides) The Black Trumpet, also known as Black Chanterelle or Horn of Plenty, is a very richly flavored mushroom, either fresh or dry. The dried mushroom flavor is very similar to the fresh flavor, but just a bit more intense. The flavor is not ìmushroomyî at all, but is indescribably unique - rich, deep, sort of ìearthy/smokyî. A whole new yummy taste sensation!

Candy Cap  (Lactarius fragilis)  Candy Caps, a member of the Milk Cap group, have a unique maple aroma and flavor when they are dried. Just a few dry Candy Caps, left out in the kitchen, will make the room smell like maple. Dried Candy Caps go great in pancakes, waffles, cookies, flan, ice cream, and etc., and they pair particularly well with pecans and other nuts.

King Bolete (Boletus edulis) The King Bolete, also known as Porcini or Cepe, is probably the most popular and widely-sought wild mushroom in the world. Beloved in Europe and Russia, the King Bolete ("bo-leet") is also avidly collected in many other parts of the world as well. It is one of the most impressive and rewarding of mushrooms to collect (when you are able to find them!), sometimes reaching a foot in height, with a thick, substantial cap that can measure 8 - 12 inches across.

Morel  (Morchella sp.) The Morel is considered by many epicures to be the finest flavor in the mushroom world. Difficult to find, difficult to see, not difficult to cook and enjoy! Some morel hunters consider the flavor of the dry morels so superior to the fresh, that they dry all that they find. (I am not a member of this group - I love them both fresh and dried!). Several varieties are found in North America. Our morels are collected in various locations ranging from the Rocky Mountains through Montana to California and the Pacific Northwest.


Packed in plain ziplock bags.

Black Trumpet                $65 /lb                  $35  1/2 lb              $20 1/4 lb
Candy Cap                      $120 /1/2 lb         $60 1/4 lb               $35 1/8 lb
King Bolete                     $70 /lb.                 $35  1/2  lb             $20  1/4 lb
Morel                                $170 /lb                $90  1/2 lb             $45  1/4 lb

shipping/handling add $5 to total. Prices subject to change.


Before placing your order, please call or email to check that we have the mushrooms that you want in stock.

If your mushrooms are in stock, please mail a check for the appropriate amount, with the a note regarding the varieties and quantities desired, to the following address. Include your mailing address and telephone number.

Wild About Mushrooms
PO Box 1088
Forestville, CA 95436

Questions? Call 707-829-2063 or email to info@wildaboutmushrooms.net

                            Dried mushrooms make a contribution to your diet that is both delicious and nutritious!

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